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The free content management system below is an example of the various custom content management systems that DSE Software Solutions has designed and developed for their clients. DSE provides the Users Manager for free which allows you to protect certain areas for your web site requiring visitors to login first before accessing the protected pages even if they have bookmarked them in the past. The Locations Manager is just an example of another module that could be added on for managing various locations or customized for restricting access to different locations of your web site.

Our various custom content management systems are completely customized based on our client's needs and requirements, and the functionality ranges from simply limiting visitors access to certain areas of a web site to customizable modules for maintaining members, inventory and schedules which are basically small web-based applications just mention a few.

Please feel free to contact DSE Software Solutions if you would like more information or if you are interested in implementing our free Users Manager on your web site. NOTE: Our free content management system only runs on a Windows Server.

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