Content management systems can very greatly from one client to another. It all depends on what you want and how much control you want over your own website. There are way too many commercially available content management systems on the market, and some of these provide very little to no useful functionality. Others provide way too many features and can be very complicated to use. You are welcome to check out our Free Content Management System which allows you to protect and deny access to any areas of your web site.

Our custom content management systems also known as control panels are design and developed around your specific needs and requirements. When we are doing the backend web development for your site, we already know your requirement for a customized content management system. Once all the work is completed, you can easily manage your site at your convenience.

Over the years, we have designed a wide range of proprietary content management systems for our clients from simple advertiser management to on-line scheduling and appointments. All of these take into consideration what is the necessary information you need to collect and/or display not like many of the commercial versions that basically tell and force you to gather certain information that they believe is required.

This definitely does not provide you or your visitors with a user-friendly interface for displaying or gathering information. Grant it if you're a web site developer, you can modify their interface for your own personal needs, but if you were a developer, you wouldn't be here right now.

Also, we would like our visitors to know that we are currently working on releasing our own modules that will allow you to purchase and build your own custom content management system. We will provide you with a free main interface, and then say you want to password protect certain areas of your web site. You would just simply purchase our Users Manager module which allows you to manage the user and their access level, and all you would have to do is place a few lines of code at the top of any page you want password protected.

The free main interface and some of the basic modules will be available within the next few weeks to purchase and download so feel free to check back often. Also, if you are curious as to what we will be offering or you need to implement something sooner, please feel free to contact us immediately.

Contact us now with any questions that you may have about custom content management systems or request a free quote with your current custom content management system requirements.
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