As the business world becomes more and more fast-paced everyday, companies need to be able to keep up with these changes and evolving technology or be left behind from their competitors. With the advent of the "mobile business person", the quicker they can access critical information or have this necessary information at their fingertips; the better chance they have to be successful.

Here at DSE Software Solutions, we have standardized on designing and developing almost all our handheld applications with a development platform from AppForge. A key feature of AppForge's development platform is that it allows us to design and develop your application using either Visual Basic 6.0 or VB.NET. We can develop your custom handheld application rapidly with minimal amount of coding like necessary with other C/C++ based development platforms.

The most important reason that we standardized on AppForge is that it allows us to develop your application in a familiar environment, but most of ALL is that we can easily compile your application to run on either a Palm Pilot device, a PocketPC device /or both devices from a single codebase. This allows you to provide your users with the choice of device and not limited them to one of the other.

One other major aspect to consider here is that since we are developing your application using Visual Basic, the code can also be reused in a desktop Windows application. This means that if you need both a desktop and handheld version, we can reuse the code thus reducing the overall development costs. Also, if you have a custom algorithm or calculation that needs to be designed and implemented, we only have to design it once and easily implement it in both applications.
  • Custom Palm Pilot and PocketPC Applications

  • Custom Mobile and Wireless Applications

  • Custom Synchronization of PDA or Mobile device with Desktop Application's Data

  • AppForge Crossfire / MobileVB Development Platform

  • Migration of Existing Applications to PDA and/or Mobile Platform

  • Custom CodeWarrior PalmOS Applications Available

  • Existing Application Maintenance and Enhancements

Partial List of Current and Past PDA and Mobile Device Application Projects

  • LINK: Consumer Ticket Application

  • ScoutMate Application

  • Critical Scheduler Application

  • Simple Survey Application

  • Nelscope Report for the Palm Pilot Application

Contact us now with any questions that you may have about custom handheld software development or request a free quote with your current handheld software development requirements.

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Many applications are now quickly migrating to the mobile, handheld devices. Just like the Blackberry that has become so widely used for keeping your appointments and staying in touch with your clients, mobile applications want to be part of this trend so that you also have company critical information readily available as well.
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