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 DSE Software Solutions Expands Their Web Site Development Services

 Web site design and development trends moving rapidly forward in supporting handheld and mobile device browsers as more and more companies take their offices on the road.

Boston, MA - June 1, 2007 - DSE Software Solutions is proud to announce the expansion of their custom web site design and custom web development services that they offer to their wide range of clients to include "handheld friendly" mobile web site design and development utilizing cascading style sheets as an alternative to traditional table-based layouts. Recently, DSE has noticed an increased demand and has been inundated with requests for thin-client web-based applications along with the ability to access these applications via handheld and mobile phone devices.

As more and more companies move away from Windows-based software applications due to numerous reasons for instance the deployment and maintenance of these types of applications, DSE has decided to focus more on designing and developing web-based Internet and Intranet applications. Also, more companies are steadily becoming more mobile so attempting to access and share data becomes more cumbersome if not impossible with conventional Window's software applications.

Over the past three years, DSE has designed and developed various web-based applications for numerous industries thus simplifying the deployment and maintenance of the software, but most of all, the centralization of the company's mission critical data. Once a company migrates it's current software to the Internet or Intranet, it can automatically become available to all of their employees no matter their location wherever there's an Internet connection available of course this is provided that have been granted access.

Access can be controlled on many different levels from requiring them to log into the system with an assigned username and password to placing the application behind a firewall where they would first need to be able to gain access through a secure VPN connection before logging into the application. No matter how an employee gains access, the ultimate goal is to keep the company's data secure.

About DSE Software Solutions:
DSE Software Solutions is the epic result of a 15+ year venture in the software development industry for founder Donald Shaw and has become focused over the past 3 years on providing web-based software application solutions. DSE's sole mission has been and always will be to provide their clients with a robust and complete software solution that fulfills all their current and future business needs and requirements.

Contact Information:
Donald Shaw
DSE Software Solutions
(978) 297-4445

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DSE Software Solutions has been in business since 1991 which allows us to  bring over 15 years experience to the table. This is why our clients keep returning since they already know that we will still be around another 15 years from now. Many software companies come and go everyday, but we are in it for the long haul.
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