Custom website development can either be a somewhat simple process or very complicated with many different phases required to complete the whole project. It first starts all the time with custom website design where our web site and graphic designers create the look and feel along with the page layout of your site.

Once the custom web site design is complete, we will discuss with you which areas of your site need to be dynamically generated which means that the content of these pages is not just static HTML. The HTML code is automatically pulled from fields with in a database and this is where we begin the backend website development process. During this phase, we design the database structure that's required to store the page information for your web site.

Now that you have a dynamically database driven website, you need an easy way to quickly update the content yourself, and here is where we will design and develop a custom content management system specifically based on your needs and requirements. Our Free Content Management System  helps to get you started since it allows you to protect any area of your web site, and then custom modules can be incorporated to complete the system.

The final outcome is a professionally designed and developed web site that is ready for your visitors, but just putting your new site out on the Internet doesn't miraculously itself start drawing in visitors, you need to generate all the Meta Tag data which is the search engine optimization process. Here we generate the appropriate keywords and key phrases that will be indexed in the search engines along with optimizing keywords within the actual content of each page.

Alright, you have your new web site and it's being indexed and listed in all the major search engines, but your listing is nowhere to be found near the top of the list for your site so you start to wonder where are all your visitors. This is when you need a website marketing strategy where you need to start your link exchange campaign and setup your site with some of the more cost-effective Pay-Per-Click web site services so that you improve your link popularity and increase traffic to your site.

Noteworthy Tip: If you are contemplating whether or not your business needs a web site, there is a really simple test, simply go to any of the three popular search engines (Google, Yahoo or MSN) to check on your competitors, and if they have any kind of web site, you can almost be 100% certain that you're losing potential business to them. Remember, even a simple starter web site or web presence site will draw more attention and potential business to your company.

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Many people always ask us everyday if a website is really necessary, and we have one simple answer for them.

Simply check your competitors and if they have any type of site, you are losing business to them everyday that you don't have a web site of your own

In this day and age, if you do not at least have a small web presence web site, you are not taking advantage of the opportunities the Internet has to offer your company.
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