Web site marketing is more then just optimizing your web pages and content. You can have the best web site on the Internet, but if it's not correctly optimized for the all the search engines and properly marketed, your site will see little to no visitors. If you follow the proper steps and adhere to the various search engine optimization techniques, you can start receiving increased traffic within weeks.

Meta Tag Optimization - This is the first most important stage and varies from one major search engine to another. All the major search engine view and treat the Meta Tags differently so you have to generate them so that they're compatible and acceptable with the three major search engines which are Google, Yahoo and MSN. A wrong move here could get your site easily knocked way down on the search results or even worse - banned.

Page Content Optimization - This is also a very important step since this step also once again varies from one major search engine to another. There are many articles out there that state "content is king" and this is not all too far from the truth.

One-Way Inbound Links - These type of links for the most part are the most important though they can sometimes depending on the industry not be the easiest to achieve. One-way inbound links are simply links to your site from other web sites where you do not have to provide a link back to their web site, but you have to make sure that the site linking to you is relevant to your content.

Reciprocal Links - These are easier to achieve then one-way inbound links, but many sites are only willing to place your link on their site after you have place a reciprocal link on your web site to theirs. Reciprocal links for the most part do help your site's link popularity, but certain search engines don't place as much emphasis on this as opposed to one-way inbound links.

Pay Per Click - This is the quickest and easiest way to get your site listed within the major search engines though it can become very costly if you don't approach your campaign in the correct manner since you're paying for every person that clicks on your link.

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You may have just spent six months designing and creating your new ultimate web site not  mentioning all the money it has cost you just to have it sitting out on the Internet doing your business absolutely nothing.

There's a saying that "if you build it, they will come". Well that may hold some truth in certain respects, but not when it comes down to a web site.

If it's not properly optimized and correctly marketed, your return on investment will be basically next to nothing - if not nothing.

Web site traffic and visitors rule!
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