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Below you will find a description of the application, the features and a couple screenshots.

Cost Estimator is an application that was initially designed and developed to be used in the electronics assembly manufacturing industry though the software can be easily modified so that it can be adapted to other types of industries that need to provide quotes to customers based on the cost of components, component assembly and assembly machine setup.

Cost Estimator basically allows the user to enter the customer and assembly information, and then enter the appropriate material, operations and setups required to manufacture the assembly. Once the necessary information is entered, the user then can generate vendor reports for gathering material estimates for the various components, and then finally generate and print a a customer quote along with a cover letter for the customer.

Additional specifications, details and pricing as well the cost to modify the software for your own custom manufacturing cost estimation requirements can be obtained by sending a message from our contact page to our sales department.

  • Generate new quotes from existing ones for multiple pricing levels for assemblies based on various order quantities.
  • Multiple utilities for customers, materials, vendors, operations and setups maintenance.
  • Ability to update materials and labor rate information over multiple selected quotes.
  • Ability to search for quotes by quote number, customer, assembly number or part number.
  • Customizable cover letter template.
  • Multiple databases store customer, quotes, material, and vendor information and are all password protected if necessary.
  • Extensive electronic component database including part numbers, description and pricing. NOTE: Pricing is currently outdated.
  • Designed as a network application for multiple user utilization.
  • MS Access backend up sizable to MS SQL Server.


Sample screenshot of the Materials page

Sample screenshot of the Summary page
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