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Below you will find a description of the application, the features and a couple screenshots.

Inventory Tracker is an application that was initially designed and developed to be used by event show exhibitors though the software can be easily modified so that it can be adapted to other types of businesses that need to track inventory from the reserving phase through the setup, shipment and return of the inventory.

Inventory Tracker basically allows the user to reserve and commit inventory for particular upcoming events, print picking list to stage the trade show, and then ship the components to the event location. Once the components are shipped, the personnel at the trade show can scan the received inventory using a Palm Pilot device to determine if any of the components were not shipped or lost during shipment. Finally, when the components are returned, the Palm Pilot once again can be used to assure that all the inventory has been returned, and then once all the components are accounted for, they can be returned to inventory.

Additional specifications, details and pricing as well the cost to modify the software for your own custom inventory tracking requirements can be obtained by sending a message from our contact page to our sales department.

  • Ability to maintain client, event and inventory information.
  • Ability to reserve, commit, stage, ship and return inventory.
  • Detailed reports for the various phases from the reserving of the inventory through the shipment and return of the components.
  • Ability to print bar codes for asset management tracking.
  • Single database stores clients, events and inventory information, and it can be password protected if necessary.
  • Designed as a stand-alone application, but it can be converted into a network application for multiple user utilization.
  • MS Access backend up sizable to MS SQL Server.


Sample screenshot of the Client Maintenance page

Sample screenshot of the Return Inventory page
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